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Nia & Negus Mental Health Super Twins Art Contest

What does it mean to be a superhero?

If you had one super power, What would it be? Each of you possess a very special power. The power of the mind.

What does mental health mean to you? Your mental health is very important. It is about your mind, your thought and feelings.

How are you able to handle your emotions and your actions in response to the things that happen in your life. Your mental health is key to everything in your life. Your mental health matters!

Totality of a Woman youth and family initiative presents Nia & Negus Mental Health Super Twins Art Contest!

We are working on a very special animated project for children focused on mental health and we are getting the students involved to help us create the main characters, super twins Nia and Negus. We would love for your school to join us!

The art contest was created as a vehicle to bring the much needed conversation of mental health and wellness into the classroom through creativity and the arts.

There’s a superhero inside of each of us and we all possess the power of the MIND!

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