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Programs & Workshops

Food Fitness & Faith

Food, Fitness and Faith is an interactive wellness series that serves as a stress management tool. Structured around trauma informed care, the series educates, informs and empowers participants to be accountable for their mental health and wellness through holistic practices including meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition.​​


Totality Men

Food, Fitness and Faith Men is a holistic wellness program focused on a balanced approach to health, wellness and healing for men in underserved populations. 30% of a mans overall health is genetics and 70 percent is dependent upon their lifestyle. Through teaching the basics of healthy eating, yoga, meditation and fitness, we endeavor to educate men on being in harmony and at peace within themselves as a foundation for progress when dealing with the outside world.

Totality Kids

Totality KIDS is a Totality of a Woman youth and family initiative. It was created to raise awareness around youth mental health. Professional development and training on trauma informed classrooms and providing family support in communities is at the forefront our work. We offer a holistic approach to the social-emotional wellness of children with programming that encourages positive youth development.

Food, Fitness & Faith KIDS gives children the tools to cope with stress, understand the emotions they experience and help foster positive social emotional development. The program is a “tool kit” for child stress management that can be used in the classroom and at home. Its’ holistic approach to wellness uses meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition to teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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